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With its small scale and intensive counselling, Tio can offer you a custom made study programme.

The fact that Tio offers its students excellent counselling is clear from the fact that, for years, Tio has held the #1 position on the ranking list in terms of facilitating studying with an impairment. Tio offers personal customised education, giving the students an opportunity to excel. The lecturers encourage students to bring out the best in themselves - even if they are dyslexic, have a business to run or participate in a top sports programme. In all categories, Tio scores above the Dutch average and it also achieves the highest total score. Besides that, Tio offers students who want to excel more than enough challenge with a special honours programme.

Custom solutions

Kleine klassen
Tio has small classes. The weighted average – measured across all Tio's locations – is 11 students per lecture.