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Tio Excellence partner of 2017: Arcada University

Arcada University of Applied sciences has been awarded with the title ‘Excellence Partner of the Year 2017’ by Tio university of Applied Sciences. Arcada is the first partner university to receive this brand-new award from Tio.

As one of Tio’s strategies is to focus on stimulating excellence among its students, it’s understandable that Tio also works with the best partner universities for their students to study at. In order to award partner universities for their effort and quality, the ‘Excellence Partner’ award has been launched. Arcada University of Applied Sciences is the first partner university in the exclusive partner network of Tio to be awarded with this title. The award is based on student and teacher experiences during their mobility at the partner university, the number of student mobilities each year, and more in-depth topics like level of service to students, contact with the international office and publishing information and course descriptions in a timely matter. The good news was brought today to the Head of Student and Staff mobilities (Ms Christa Holm) and Degree Programme Director of Business Administration (Ms Linn Hongell) of Arcada, in person, by Martijn Westerbrink (Head of International Office at Tio) on the main campus of Arcada in Helsinki. Both delighted and honored by this news and title, Ms Holm added to the news that Arcada is recently awarded with the title of best University of Applied Sciences in Finland! Talking of excellence.

Top rated universities

The two students of Tio currently studying at Arcada were also pleasantly surprised with the news. They now have both Arcada and Tio as top rated universities on their resume. Arcada is very popular among Tio students for several years. “Students are very eager to get to Arcada” according to Mr Westerbrink. “The high quality of the courses, together with the high level of English spoken on campus is the main reason for our students to select Arcada as their top choice”. All together the title ‘Excellence Partner of the Year 2017” fits Arcada perfectly. Two representatives of Arcada have been invited to come and visit Tio in The Netherlands, paid by Tio, and visit our international campuses and head office in Amsterdam and Utrecht. “We are very much looking forward to visiting Tio in The Netherlands, and continuing the cooperation with Tio in the future” according to Ms Holm. To be continued!

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