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Tio has had a senior staff office in Utrecht since September of 2015. In May of 2016, Tio’s new headquarters in Utrecht was opened. Staff members in the education & quality, marketing & communication, IT, financial administration and P&O departments work in Utrecht.

New and modern headquarters

“Utrecht provides access to a larger labour market than Hengelo, where our headquarters was originally located. This is an important factor for the development of Tio as a knowledge organisation. “Moreover, the members of staff are now based closed to the Tio campuses in a more central location in the Netherlands. This is important for the integration, the visibility of the staff and the involvement with the campuses. Furthermore, everyone works on the same floor in the new office and all decision makers are close together. This keeps the lines of communication short and allows for quick decision-making processes. The theme of our headquarters is ‘working besides and with each other’ in an informal atmosphere.”

The following departments are located in the headquarters:

  • Marketing & Communication
  • Central Student Administration
  • Education & Quality
  • IT
  • Personnel & Organisation
  • Financial

In addition to its headquarters in Utrecht, Tio University of Applied Sciences has five campuses spread across the Netherlands:



Learning by doing at Tio
Learning by doing at Tio
Endless possibilities after studying at Tio

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