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Which programme is right for you?

Are you curious to find out which programme is right for you? Tio offers a variety of bachelor's degree and master's degree programmes in the fields of hotel management, event management, tourism, business and marketing. Tio’s bachelor’s degrees take either three or four years, while its master programme can be completed in just one year.

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Why choose a private study programme at Tio?

Are you curious about what extras set a Tio study programme apart from other degree programmes? Below, you can read why students choose Tio’s small-scale, personal and high-quality education and how you can benefit from our unique approach as well.

Tio University of Applied Sciences offers you the option of accelerated studying in a pleasant and safe environment. You are surrounded by motivated students and lecturers with extensive practical experience in their respective field.

Tio University of Applied Sciences offers both bachelor programmes and vocational training programmes. That means you get to study in small groups – circa eleven students per lecture, on average – and receive plenty of personal attention and guidance. As opposed to subsidised education, Tio offers students the opportunity to complete their studies in less time. Here is an overview of the various benefits of a private education, compared to one subsidised by the government:

  • Small-scale and personal education

    Lecturers teach small groups and know their students by name. This makes personal guidance possible. 

  • Extensive supervision

    Lecturers stimulate you to bring out the best in yourself. You receive optimal supervision and guidance to master both theory and practice. 

  • Accelerated studying

    Tio offers accelerated studying: bachelor ‘s degrees in just three or four years and vocational training programmes in one or two years. So you have your degree faster, which allows you to start off your career sooner or you can continue studying for a master’s degree. 

  • Lecturers from the industry

    Lecturers use their experience in the industry to create links between the theoretical knowledge you acquire and its practical applications. 

  • Excellence

    Every Tio study programme has been awarded top marks by the Higher Education Guide. Tio offers the best business, hotel school, tourism and Commercial Economics degree programmes! Tio wants to instil the same drive towards excellence in its students. On top of that, Tio has an honours programme for talented students who want to excel.

Students about their choice

You are in your last or second-to-last year of your general secondary or pre-university education and you face an important choice: what will you be studying next? What do you want to be later? To help you make this major decision, we have asked some new Tio students how they reached their decision and why they chose Tio.

Choosing between higher professional education or research university?

Have you not yet decided between a bachelor’s degree at a university of applied sciences or one at a research university? Below, we will explain the various differences between a bachelor’s degree and a university degree. The choice is yours.

Bachelor's degree

University degree

Learning for a profession

Learning to conduct research

Clear career prospects

Unclear career prospects

Lots of contact hours

Fewer contact hours and more independent study

Mainly practical and with a practical focus

Mainly theoretical

Putting knowledge into practice

Discovering and sharing new knowledge

Skills and attitude for position/profession

Skills for research and science

Many different subjects

Fewer subjects, more in-depth approach

Course content spread out

Course content often concentrated, high pace

Personal guidance

Less personal, find everything out for yourself

Learn as part of a group

Focus on independent learning

Lectures in (small) classes

Lectures in large lecture halls

Multiple internships and a final thesis

Optional internship/final thesis

Students are trained for a position/profession

Students are trained for a field of expertise

Choosing quality

The choice of a study programme is an important one for your future. How can you make this decision? There are tools to find out whether you are, for example, looking at a bachelor’s degree of high quality. Studiekeuze123 is a website that lets you compare study programmes and see how current students rate their respective study programmes. The Higher Education Guide publishes an overview of the best study programmes in the Netherlands every year. Both tools can help you make the right decision for your future. 

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Study choice check

If you want to be sure that you are making the right choice, the Tio study choice check is perfect for you. To find out whether a study programme is right for you, you can sign up for a non-binding study choice check from Tio. This study choice check may consist of e.g. attending an open day or a trial study day, tagging along with a Tio student for a day, conducting a personal meeting or a financial consultation. Once you have been accepted at Tio, you may be called in for a non-binding meeting with your future study coach to discuss your study choice.

If your prior education does not tie in sufficiently with the study programme you wish to enrol in, an intake interview and an assessment will be scheduled. Based on the outcome of this interview and the assessment, you may be accepted into the study programme after all.

Even after 1 May

Tio’s study choice check is available even after 1 May. During the holiday periods and in the summer months, Tio is open every working day. You are hereby invited to stop by and experience Tio for yourself.

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Career opportunities after graduation

Your Tio degree opens a multitude of career paths for you. Do you want to know what these are? Take a look at what you can do after completing your Tio bachelor’s degree.

Career opportunities

Job opportunities after graduating at Tio

  • Working in Krakow after the study International Business Management
    Working in Krakow after the study International Business Management
  • What is it like to be a wedding planner in Spain?
    What is it like to be a wedding planner in Spain?
  • Endless possibilities after studying at Tio
    Endless possibilities after studying at Tio
  • Working at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong
    Working at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong
  • Business and Marketing in the Big Apple
    Business and Marketing in the Big Apple
  • Event manager in New York
    Event manager in New York