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Cookie Policy

Tio would to like inform about the cookies that visiting the Tio website will be stored on your computer (or other internet enabled devices, such as a smartphone or tablet). Our goal is to inform you in an open and honest way about any infringement to your privacy as you visit the Tio website. If you have any questions in regard to this information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Cookie settings

Do you want to change your cookie settings? That is possible via this link: Adapt your cookie settings here.

Cookies and cookie policy

Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer, tablet and smartphone as you visit certain websites. Cookies remember the preferences and interests of the user based on the browsing behavior of the device.

Tio uses cookies on its website: 

Cookies are activated by most web browsers. Cookies cannot damage your computer. When you have linked your web and app use to your Google account, Tio can use this to optimize and personalize the given information. Furthermore, Tio uses encrypted information which is derived from the cookies. The cookies help us to retrieve mistakes and to solve them or to show you topics related and relevant to you whenever you visit the website.

If you prefer to limit, block or delete the cookies generated by tio.nl, you can do so by using your browser. Please read the “Help” menu your browser provides (or read the manual that comes with your smartphone or tablet) to find out how to change your cookie preferences.

Modification to the cookie policy

The cookie policy is subject to modification at any time in order to notify of changes and subsequent results for obtaining and maintaining records. At the end of the page a date is listed where you can see when the last modification has occurred. When visiting the Tio website, you agree to the cookie policy as set out at that time.

More information about cookies and about cookies regulations can be found on this website: www.youronlinechoices.com

8 May 2017