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Associate degree

Tio Business School also offers Associate degree programmes. An Associate degree is a 2-year higher education programme, after which you can immediately get started in the work field. The programme offers professional knowledge and skills that you can immediately apply in practice.

Associate degree in 2 years

Within higher education, there are three levels: associate degree, bachelor's degree, and master's degree. With an associate degree programme, you can earn your higher education diploma in 2 years. And if you wish to continue your studies, after completing your associate degree, you can obtain your bachelor's degree in just one or two more years! The associate degree programmes are developed in collaboration with the business sector.

What is the difference between an associate degree and bachelor's degree?

Associate degrees

Tio Business School offers de following associate degree programmes: 

Commerce Economics and Entrepreneurship

Will you soon be swiftly responding to every gap in the market, adept at successfully selling new products and services both online and offline? Tio's Associate Degree in Commerce Economics & Entrepreneurship teaches you everything about e-commerce, marketing, sales, and, of course, entrepreneurship!

Tio's Associate Degree in Commerce Economics & Entrepreneurship

Hotel & Event Management

Does service and hospitality run in your veins? Then opt for a career in the hospitality industry! After the Associate Degree in Hotel and Event Management, you, along with your colleagues, will create the perfect experience for your guests. Whether in a top hotel, Michelin-starred restaurant, at an exciting festival, or sports event, together you'll turn every stay and event into a great success.

Hotel- en Eventmanagement

International Tourism Management

The world is your playground! Learn how to compose the most beautiful trips, make savvy purchases and sales, and establish global connections during the Associate Degree in International Tourism Management. Whether it's London, Tokyo, Sydney, or Paris, you'll be selling the entire world.

Internationaal Toeristisch Management

International Business Management

Are you full of ambition and dreaming of international success in the business world? Give your career a kickstart with the Associate Degree in International Business Management! You'll learn to create opportunities, establish international contacts, and engage in successful business transactions. Will you be exploring your business options in Asia, or closing a major deal with an American company in the near future?

International Business Management

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