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Tio's adequate approach to corona

Tio University of Applied Sciences closely follows the guidelines of RIVM, GGD and the national government. Below you will find more information about the measures that will be effective until April 6, 2020.

As an educational institution, Tio makes every effort to continue to offer students the best possible education. For example, from day 1 students take classes online and exams and tests can be taken online too.

Online classes as of 16 March

Thursday evening (March 12, 2020) prior to the parliamentary debate, the following advice was communicated for colleges and universities of applied sciences by letter of parliament from the Minister of Medical Care and Sports: “We therefore call on universities and universities of applied sciences to only provide distance education until April 6, at least”. The Association of Universities of Applied Sciences immediately followed up on this advice.

Online classes

Tio follows this advice. As of Monday March 16, all classes are offered online. The campus is open during scheduled lesson times. The classes for all students take place online and students do not have to be at the Tio campus for this. The online lessons take place via Blackboard Collaborate. All students have received an e-mail with instruction how to log in for your online lesson on Blackboard Collaborate.

Announcement of measures related to corona crisis

  • Friday March 20, 2020, a letter and e-mail has been sent to the students and parents about the measures taken by Hogeschool Tio for after this semester.
  • Friday, March 27, 2020, all students received an email about continuing their studies (without delay) during the corona crisis. It contains information about internships, extra online classes, minor study abroad, extra options, exams and final thesis. 

General information

General information

In recent weeks, the outbreak of the Corona virus has caused many questions and concern worldwide. The Coronavirus has also surfaced in the Netherlands last week. Tio keeps a close eye on the virus and takes measures if necessary. The guidelines of the RIVM, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the advice of the local GGD are leading.

Some important questions and answers:

When do you have the risk of getting the new corona virus (COVID-19)?
The RIVM advises: if you have a cold in the Netherlands or have lung complaints, you usually don’t have to worry about having the new Corona virus. The chance is much greater that you just have the flu or another cold virus. Contact your doctor or the local GGD by telephone if you:

  • have a fever with respiratory symptoms (cough or shortness of breath);
  • and have been in a country / region with widespread spread (view the distribution map) of the corona virus for the past two weeks:
    - China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan)
    - Singapore
    - South Korea
    - Iran
    - some municipalities in Italy: Codogno, Sesto Cremonese, Pizzighettone, Soresina, Sesto SG, Pieve Porto Morone, Casalpusterlengo, Castiglione d'Adda, Fombio, Maleo, Somaglia, Bertonico, Terranova dei Passerini, Castelgerundo and San Fiorano (Lombardy region) and V 'o Euganeo, Mira (Veneto region);
  • or you have been in contact with a patient with the new Corona virus in the last two weeks.

What can you do to prevent the virus from spreading?
RIVM: the most important measures that people can take to prevent the Corona virus from spreading are very simple. These measures apply to all viruses that can cause the flu and cold. It is therefore always important to follow this up. Being:

Was je handen regelmatig
Wash your hands regularly

Hoest en nies in de binnenkant van je elleboog 
Cough and sneeze in de inside of your elbow

Gebruik papieren zakdoekjes
Use paper tissues

If you feel sick (coughing, sneezing, fever), call your doctor immediately and do NOT go to school / outside that day. First, rule out that it may be the Corona virus before you go back to school or visit other public places.

Where can (Tio) students who are abroad go if they need help?
Are you a Tio student and are you already abroad or do you have any questions? Then you can always contact your study coach or the International Office of Tio: internationaloffice@tio.nl. You can also contact your own travel insurer. The Dutch embassy can be reached by telephone 24/7 via +31 247 247 247. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can also be reached via WhatsApp on the number +31 682 387 796 or via Twitter on @ 24 / 7BZ.

Extra loan from DUO

If you have lost your part-time job as a student due to the corona crisis and is it difficult to make ends meet, then there is the possibility to borrow extra money from DUO. Even if you already borrow to the maximum and you still cannot make ends meet, you can request an extra loan.

This is how you apply

You can borrow a maximum of € 600 per month for the months of March, April and May 2020. Do you want to make use this? Then contact DUO by phone and explain your personal situation. DUO wants to know exactly what you need the extra loan for, so make sure you have made an overview of your income and planned expenses in advance.


Just like the regular loan, you repay this extra loan after obtaining your bachelor's degree. It is included in the current repayment scheme.

Bachelor students get a 3-months extension of their student travel product

Bachelor students who cannot go to their university because of the coronavirus, are offered a 3-months extension of travelling for free with their student travel product. The Ministry of Education announced this on April 14, 2020.

The student travel product will automatically be extended for three months after the period in which students are entitled to free travelling has expired. bachelor students are officially entitled to the student travel product for a maximum of 5 years.

On which websites can you find more information?
Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken – Reisadvies
RIVM Q&A about the Corona virus