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Bak & Praat ‘Best student company 2015

Some real entrepreneurship came to light during the competition of the minor and project Entrepreneurship. The student company “Bak & Praat”(Cook &Talk) was awarded the title best student company 2015 by a jury of professionals. The best media presentation went to student company Plug & Charge and the jury awarded Susan Theunisse the title most extraordinary entrepreneur. Congratulations to all!

Students of the student company Cook &Talk are very proud of their accomplishment, and they should be! The jury gave raving reviews on their concept, the execution and the way the team operated. “I don’t even think you guys realise how much potential your company truly has,” said head of the jury; Gregor Christiaan, owner of a wholesale company in Mediterranean products. Student Anke Essink, financial manager of Cook &Talk: “It’s really cool that we won. Although we did not expect to win, once we saw the other presentations and after hearing the comments made by the jury, we felt confident that we stood a good chance.” The jury urged the students to take full advantage of all the opportunities this offers, even though some of those opportunities seemed a bit overwhelming to the students. RTL4 (a Dutch tv channel) expressed interest in doing an item on this concept. “Be sure and return the RTL call and make sure you’re on that show on Sunday!”

Susan: Most extraordinary entrepreneur

Student Susan Theunisse of student company African Colours, reacted pleasantly surprised to being awarded the title “most extraordinary entrepreneur”. “I never expected this!” The jury remarked that Susan stood out in her modesty and her keen sense of business.

Plus & Charge: best media presentation

From Tio in Amsterdam stems student company Plug & Charge, whom were awarded best media presentation. The jury was impressed by their professional video, excellent presentation and the extensive market research these students performed.

About the project Entrepreneurship

The project Entrepreneurship is part of the International Business Management bachelor degree programme. Students from the other bachelor degree programmes can participate if they choose the minor entrepreneurship.