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Champagne for the winners Eventgame Utrecht

Battle of the locations: Tio Eindhoven, Tio Utrecht and Tio Hengelo.

Event management - Team number 3 consisting of the following students: Maarten Dijkgraaf, Sam van Dinther, Birgitt van Driel, Stan van den Elsen, Erik Fennema, Sophie van Genugten, Julia Gimbrere, Kim de Graaf, Mira Greijmans, Liza te Gussinklo, Alysee Versteeg and Mitchel Warmerdam, a combined team with students from Tio Utrecht and Eindhoven, have won the Eventgame 2012 in Utrecht. Congratulations!

Students of the Hotel and Event Management course also competed against each other in the Eventgame 2012 in Utrecht. Some awesome concepts for Kia were created. In the end the winning concept was presented by students from Eindhoven and Utrecht who, among other things, have coincided an attempt to set a new world record dribbling in the Amsterdam Arena with a huge Kia event. The first pictures can be found below this story; take a look!

S:\Hengelo\CSA-Marketing\Nieuwsbrief medewerkers\april 2012\Eventgames 2012\Hengelo-Utrecht-Eindhoven\IMG_2834.JPG