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The best investment strategies in final International Trading

Trading successfully on the international stock exchange, how do you do that? For the students of the course Trading Securities, the world of stock exchange trading no longer holds any secrets. They dived into this fascinating world of finance in recent weeks and present their findings in the finals today. Which student has the best investment strategy and can call him/herself 'best stockbroker' this semester?

Investing on the international stock exchange

In the course Trading Securities, Tio's third-year International Business Management students learn all the ins and outs of the international stock market. In a virtual trading game, they work like real stock market traders for eleven weeks: managing a portfolio, trading in securities and responding to current events. The goal? Make as much (fictitious) profit as possible with the right strategy. In today's online final, five finalists from different campuses will present their trading methods to the jury.

5 finalists, 5 strategies

Students ready? Pitch it! With the jury members and over 100 fellow students from all campuses watching live, the five finalists present their strategies as accomplished traders. With the corona crisis and the presidential elections in America, among others, it was an interesting time to invest. The strategies of the students vary widely, from investing everything and taking a high risk to a more defensive strategy and buying less volatile stocks.

But what is the best strategy?

The jury is unanimous: the winner is Rens van der Helden of Tio Utrecht. Rens applied an aggressive investment strategy. "I wanted to win the game," he says in his presentation, "so I invested all my money immediately." He did a lot of research in the past eleven weeks. The jury at the award ceremony: "Rens did a good job and showed how trading on the stock market works. He believed in his strategy and turned out to be right; he knew what he was doing. Additionally, his presentation was convincing. Compliments from the jury!"

Rens goes home with a cheque worth € 450. Tom Weegels (Tio Amsterdam) is the runner-up, and Kimberley de Kok (Tio Rotterdam) finished third. Congratulations!

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