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Foreign students love the Netherlands

International students are very enthusiastic about the Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences. The ‘internationals’ gave our tiny country an 8,8 rating. This puts us in a combined fourth place with Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Many students studying abroad for a while perceive this to be the best time of their life. Students going to Austria to study appear to be the most enthusiastic about their study time in the Alps as they gave it a 9.1 rating. This according to reports by Studyportals.eu which has gathered information among nearly seventeen thousand European exchange students.

Even though many foreigners thoroughly enjoy the Dutch experience, very few remain to work here. Much to the dismay of minister of education Bussemaker. She is trying hard to keep more graduates in the country. More than half, according to the report, would like to stay, but only a fifth really do. This however, still creates an annual boost for our economy of 740 million Euro.

As much as foreign students are having fun, Dutch students tend to be critical when it comes to their own experience. In retrospect they give their adventure only 38 points, just slightly more the Swedish students which comes in with 37 points, but a lot less then Croatian students with 75 points or Greek students with 69 points.

The University of Groningen scores the best among Dutch institutions, as announced by the university today. How the rest of the educational institutions performs will be announced next week by Studyportals.eu. (HOP, PV)

Source: Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau