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5 years in a row: highest scores for Tio in NSE

Once again, the bachelor courses of Tio University of Applied Sciences have been awarded the highest ratings in the National Student Survey. All three of the bachelor courses, Hotel and Event Management, International Tourism Management and International Business Management, receive the highest scores in their field of expertise. Tio is very proud of these great results.

The scores received by all three of the bachelor courses are even higher than the scores received in previous years:

Hotel and Event Management

International Tourism Management

International Business Management

Overall score on a five-point scale

Students are very pleased about the size of the groups, the career preparation, the study environment, exams and grading, study guidance and the lecturers.

It is apparent that the students are very proud of their study course. Former student Remco Haagmans: “Wow, so cool! Unbelievable how Tio just keeps going at this rate. I’m very proud that my “former” school is considered the best. I, for one, feel that it is nice to be able to actively contribute to the developments and I take full advantage of this on a regular basis. Congratulations!”
And former student Marlies van Voorst van Beest: ”Congratulations! Important to me is the personal attention. Every lecturer is happy to help you to truly comprehend the subject matter. This is really nice and makes you feel like you are not alone.”

Source: Factsheet National Student Survey (NSS)