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From Taiwan to Utrecht

Born and raised in Taiwan, I Wen Chen feels privileged and proud to be the first student from the Providence University in Taiwan to come to The Netherlands. When she was offered this opportunity, she did not have to think twice and she is very happy to be here: “I will certainly recommend Tio and The Netherlands to all my fellow students in Taiwan.”

Small classes
Before coming to the Netherlands, she went to Great Britain twice to improve her English in order to be able to understand the classes. “The Tio classes are really small, which allows excellent communication between the lecturers and the other students.”

As a child I Wen enjoyed rock climbing, going out and enjoying the nature and she has always liked to travel. While there is not much opportunity for rock climbing in Holland, she has gone on a few trips. “I went to visit some friends in Barcelona Spain, which was nice, especially because I was able to talk in my own language while I was there.” She also went on the Tio wine trip recently. “My fellow Dutch students were very helpful with translating and explaining things to me.” She has not yet mastered the Dutch language, but thinks the Dutch food is really ‘lekker’. Living in a flat with three other exchange students makes this a truly international experience for her.

Recommend Tio
In the future I Wen wants to keep studying tourism and she thinks the knowledge and skills she has acquired here will be a great asset to her. “I think the experience and education I received while over here will make a critical difference in my future and it has made me a lot more independent.” I Wen likes the Dutch people and feels they are really open minded. She has made lots of friends in her short time here. “I will certainly recommend Tio to all my fellow students in Taiwan!”

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