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Virtual Friday afternoon drinks are fun as well!

For her internship at Deloitte, Tio student Annoek van Bentem organized great recruitment events from two beautiful office buildings. That was before corona time. Now she works from home, on her own, where she has to cancel events. But the ambitious Annoek cannot be caught in one place. Annoek: "It provides an extra challenge."

Recruitment & event internship at Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the Netherlands' largest providers of professional services in the field of accountancy, tax advice, consultancy, risk advice and financial advice. “Within the Team Talent Acquisition department, a colleague and I are responsible for organizing all recruitment events,” Annoek says. "These events are aimed at informing and enthusing students and starters about working at Deloitte."

Recruitment events from A to Z.

“The events vary from an in-house day for ten students to the Deloitte Students Hockey Trophy for a thousand students,” Annoek continues enthusiastically. “At this hockey tournament I am responsible for the registrations and contact with all teams, and for other events I have contact with (external) locations regarding the reservation, room layout, catering and other necessities. And of course I am also regularly present at the events! ”

Inspiring working environment

At Deloitte Annoek feels like a fish in the water, she says. “I love it here! I am directly included in the team, I am well guided and I am given many independent tasks. The nice thing about an internship at Deloitte is that everyone encourages you to get the best out of yourself. And in addition to the substantive aspect, there is also room for fun, such as with the Friday afternoon drink.”

Working from home during corona

All corona measures also have consequences for Annoek. “Before the corona crisis, Deloitte was already very flexible. This allowed me to decide in which office I worked during the week and I had the opportunity to work from home with my Deloitte laptop. But now, like everyone else, I work from home. We have to cancel many events until the first of June, too bad of course, but it does provide an extra challenge. In addition, I am busy with charting the costs and preparing for the new season. Normally, cancelling events doesn't just come your way. ”

Virtual Friday afternoon drink

And working from home has even more advantages. “Working from home has made me more independent. Furthermore, the process of working has changed little, except for the many online meetings. Although I miss the real life contact with my colleagues, there are initiatives to keep the team feeling. Of course, the virtual Friday afternoon drink via Zoom is also a fixed appointment in the agenda!”

Tio small and personal

Annoek studies Hotel and Event Management at Tio University of Applied Sciences. “The study is very satisfying. The hospitality industry and contact with other people have always interested me. Tio is small-scale and personal. In addition, the teachers come from practice, so that the theory is linked to personal stories. This of course makes it extra interesting! ”

Gain even more practical experience

Annoek chose this (extra) internship of 20 weeks as part of a minor, she concludes. “I am very happy with this opportunity from Tio to give my study more direction with this extra internship. An internship at Deloitte was a very conscious choice; it is an international company that offers great challenges in the field of events. And who wouldn't want to work in such a large, international company with 5,500 employees in the Netherlands?! ”

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