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Passing on your experience

Sandra Kamminga is a lecturer at Tio University of Applied Sciences. She greatly enjoys passing on her knowledge to students and getting them excited about their chosen field. She teaches the subjects of Marketing, Market Research and Management Skills.

Sandra: “I spent around ten years working for the Volkskrant in the business-to-business department and then another decade in the educational sector as a manager of marketing and communication, which was mainly directed at young people. I was looking for a new challenge. Not every product or organisation is equally appealing to me and teaching interested me very much. It would be the perfect opportunity to transfer my knowledge and experience to ambitious young professionals who want to start their own business or develop a great professional career for themselves.”

Working on their future

“In addition to teaching, I wanted to set up my own business, so I started looking for the right product to sell. What makes teaching so great is the constant interaction with others, particularly young people. I learn just as much from them as they learn from me and we always have a great time together! Tio students are verbal, assertive and fairly confident. It is great to work with them and help them develop their own professional futures. Tio was excited about my professional experience and eager to have me as a lecturer, which was great to hear. In this case, we all benefit. Tio’s organisation is excellent and students get a say in a lot of matters. I love flexibility in an organisation.”

Having fun doing what you do

“The most important things are hard work, perseverance and having fun doing what you do. Everything is easier with a smile on your face and your career is sure to benefit as well. What are your strong suits? What do you love? That is what you should capitalise on: developing your strengths. Do not waste years on something you are not good at. Use your talent! Tio’s study courses require excellent people skills, which are taught in the course Management Skills.”

Hard work and enthusiasm

“Tio students enjoy learning in a practical environment and they often have jobs in addition to working on their studies. That certainly helps during a lot of subjects. I see a lot of enthusiastic students who are willing to work hard and have fun. The students form a wonderful group of young people with a ton of potential!”

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