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A magical master class by illusionist Victor Mids

‘This performance is not like the ones I usually do,’ Victor Mids started off. ‘You will not only be shown illusions; this is a master class, meaning that I will also be teaching you how these illusions work.’ Mids, a doctor, illusionist and TV personality, very enthusiastically taught a room full of attentive, curious Tio students and teachers.

Quotes from visitors

‘We are just two of the two million people who watch every week, and react the same way every single time: ‘Huh?!’’ – student Julia and her mother

‘I really liked this master class – I always watch Victor’s show. His tips were really useful too, such as how to influence people using your body language.’ – student Kaylee

‘I did recognise a number of things this evening, which was a lot of fun. During class, I sometimes offer students a choice that is going to serve my purposes either way.’ – Tio teacher Krista Dekker

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