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The Netherlands #4 best place to study

The Netherlands is the fourth best place in Europe to study abroad in 2020 and is even ranked seventh worldwide. This is according to a recent survey by Educations.com among over 30,000 international students. If you’re looking for a country with a highly reputable higher education system and a great student life as well, the Netherlands should be your next study abroad destination!

The Netherlands: excellent choice

If you want to study abroad, the Netherlands is an excellent choice according to the survey. In particular access to higher quality teaching and opportunities to develop yourself personally were important reasons for students to rank the Netherlands fourth within Europe and seventh worldwide. Besides, the country offers a wide range of English-language programmes thanks to the country’s very high English proficiency. Also mentioned by the students: the reputation of the Netherlands of being tolerant and accepting, and its great cycling conditions!

About the rankings

The rankings for Top 10 places in Europe to study abroad were made by Educations.com following a survey among over 30,000 international students. The rankings are based on seven factors the surveyed students consider the most important when choosing a study abroad destination, like ‘developing yourself personally’ and ‘achieving my career goals’.

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