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Netherlands #2 of Europe according to international students

The Netherlands is Europe’s second most popular country for international students to come and study and ranks no lower than seventh worldwide. This was revealed by a survey among 20,000 international students by online study platform education.com. Positions one and three in Europe are held by Spain and Switzerland respectively.

Dutch quality of education is high

The survey showed that the high quality of education makes the Netherlands especially loved among international students. No fewer than eight Dutch universities among the over 2,000 participating universities around the world ended up in the top 100. Moreover, the Netherlands scores highly in terms of career opportunities.

“An impressive performance for such a small country,” the report says. “A lot of international students elect to study in the Netherlands and remain there after completing their studies.”

Studying in the Netherlands “an excellent choice”

Fredrik Högemark, chief information officer of educations.com, states in the report: “International students have specific reasons for choosing a university or study programme. As the Netherlands has been ranked third in the world in terms of quality of education and as the government is working hard on creating career opportunities for graduates, studying in the Netherlands is an excellent choice for international students.”

The Netherlands ranks higher than Australia, the UK and the USA, among others

What is striking is that Australia, the UK and the USA scored lower on the survey than the Netherlands. These three destinations are still very popular for studying among Asian students in particular. However, the survey shows that the quality of education in the Netherlands is higher and that the Netherlands scores higher in other fields as well. Out of the three, only Australia managed to reach a top-10 global position at position 9.

About the survey

Over 20,000 international students participated in the survey and assessed countries on factors such as quality of education, career opportunities, study costs, culture and environment. Only one country in Europe managed to outperform the Netherlands: Spain. Overall, students had the highest opinion of New Zealand.

Source: educations.com