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Student life during corona: drinks in front of your monitor

Grabbing a bite to eat, hitting the gym or meeting up for drinks in your favourite pub... All this and more will not be possible while the measures taken to curb the spread of the coronavirus are in effect. Nevertheless, there are things you can do together with your friends. They might not be the things you are used to doing, but that doesn't make them any less fun. Here are 10 tips!

  1. Pub quiz
    A pub quiz with hundreds of participants during the corona crisis? Why not?! Using a live connection via social media, pubs and restaurants throughout the Netherlands are organising fun quizzes for people at home. Participants can react via chat, so there is plenty of interaction. An added benefit is the fact that you can join in without getting off the couch!
  2. Digital drinks
    Drinking together with your friends will not be possible for a while. At least, not physically. There is always the digital option, however. Meet up with your friends via a group video chat, pour yourself a glass of your favourite drink and settle down in your favourite chair. Cheers! Drinking in front of your monitor might take some getting used to, but it's actually quite fun once you do.
  3. Catch a movie
    Although you cannot go to the movies together, you can certainly watch movies together. Have each of your friends pick a movie from e.g. Netflix or Videoland, prepare the requisite amount of popcorn and set up a Skype connection. Despite not actually being together, you can still watch and comment on your favourite movies with your friends.
  4. Working out “together”
    Even though the gym is closed for a while, that is no excuse to lie on the couch all day. Go for a run or a bike ride; with two people, it is easy to maintain a safe distance of 1.5 metres. You can also schedule an online workout with your friends. YouTube is full of instructional videos and many gyms are currently offering (live) online classes as well.
  5. Virtual safari
    Going on a safari at home? You can! Safari Park Beekse Bergen has made an amazing virtual car safari full of wild animals. Set up a group video chat with your friends, get in the (virtual) car together and enjoy the incredible sights and sounds along the way!
  6. Educational podcasts
    Are your classes being taught as usual (albeit online) despite the corona measures, just like at Tio, or is a study delay inevitable at this point? Make good use of your free time and try to keep up; it is both educational and fun!
  7. Going out to eat at home
    You have to eat, so you'd better eat well. Support local caterers by having something delivered (or picking it up yourself) and get all your friends to join the group video chat at the same time. Despite being stuck at home, you can still enjoy a meal together. Enjoy!
  8. Virtual museum tour
    Are you ready for a more intellectual form of entertainment? Enrich your mind with art and culture and go on amazing tours of the world's most beautiful museums. You can explore the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Louvre in Paris or the Guggenheim Museum in New York.
  9. Play games
    What’s more fun than sitting at your kitchen table for hours on end to play games with your friends? You can still do that, as long as each of you sits at their own kitchen table. Pick one of the many games, challenge your friends online and get your game on. If you enjoy the thrill of competition, you can set up an entire tournament or championship as well!