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Mark Duthler about transfer NCOI

Dear student,

Recently I entered into an agreement with NCOI to transfer my 100% shareholding to NCOI. NCOI Group is the largest private educational organisation in the Netherlands.

New owner

The moment that I am going to leave Tio (after 30 years) comes sooner than I always anticipated. NCOI approached me. NCOI's experience and commitment to the education market has been of great importance to me to enter into dialogue with NCOI. The opportunity to transfer Tio to the largest private educational organisation in the Netherlands and not to an industry-wide party or a private equity candidate made me decide that this is a unique opportunity for Tio and her future. I admire what Robert van Zanten, as director / owner of NCOI, has built up in a relatively short time. I am therefore delighted that Tio will be run by an extremely successful entrepreneur after I leave.


Together with the management team, I am convinced that NCOI and Tio University fit in well strategically. NCOI Group sees Tio as an important addition to their range and wants to grow in the daytime education segment in which Tio is already very successful with its quality products. In addition, I have the feeling that there is a match in the corporate culture.

Tio remains independent

NCOI Group endorses Tio's strategic course and therefore makes the emphatic choice to let Tio operate independently within the group. The head office, the campuses, the organisational structure and way of working will continue for the most part in the current way. "We have many educational organisations within the NCOI Group with decades of experience in their field. Tio is a welcome addition with 50 years of experience. They have grown particularly in recent years. During this growth, Tio has been elected best educational institution for nine years in a row. In my opinion, an excellent achievement!", says NCOI Group CEO Robert van Zanten.

NCOI Group

You undoubtedly know NCOI from NCOI programmes, known from the TV advertising with the slogan ‘how high do you set the bar?’. But, in addition to NCOI programmes, the NCOI Group consists of other well-known educational organisation, such as Scheidegger, NTI, Boertien Vergouwen Overduin, ISBW, Computrain, Markus Verbeek Praehep, NIBE-SVV, Pro Education, LECTRIC, Board Academy Netherlands, ROVC, SRM, Luzac, Schoevers and Blankestijn Institute. With approximately 2,200 employees, the NCOI Group is by far the largest private education group in the Netherlands and its mission is to enable lifelong development for everyone, by tailoring education to individual learning needs.

Follow-up process

The takeover has been submitted to and subject to approval by the Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM). Until then, we will limit external communication as much as possible. In the meantime, I will stay on as director to find and work in a successor.

If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact your manager or undersigned.