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Accreditation renewal for HEM and ITM

The bachelor courses Hotel and Event Management and International Tourism Management once again received a positive report by the NVAO and thus received a renewal of the  accreditation valid until October 7th of 2019. Tio is proud of this great achievement. This assures Tio students of earning a valuable degree.

The decision by the NVAO to grant renewal of the accreditation was based on the visits made by the assessment panel to Tio in 2012. The panel gave particular good reports on matters such as orientation, content and design of the study courses, amount of staff, location and material resources, study coaching, information resources, method of evaluation and system of exams.   

About the NVAO

The NVAO assesses the internal quality control of universities and colleges in The Netherlands and the quality of their educational programs. Obtaining renewal of the accreditation for the HEM and ITM bachelor courses insures the quality of the study courses.