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Opportunities while working at the Risk, Legal & Compliance department of NS

"The realistic and competitive projects I worked on during the bachelor prepared me well for the real world of business"

During her bachelor International Business Management, she developed an international perspective and discovered what her ambitions are. Kim Berger knows what she wants and how to get there. “I have international ambitions and want to help businesses anticipate changes in their environment.”

Versatile and educational position

Kim works for SPF Beheer; a pension fund set up by NS (Dutch rail service). “Because the organisation is part of NS, I saw plenty of opportunities,” Kim says. “I work in the Risk, Legal & Compliance department. Major organisations often face both internal and external risks. It is important to properly anticipate these and improve your processes.”

“In our department, Risk mostly focuses on these risks,” Kim explains. “Legal deals with the legal aspects and Compliance ensures that the organisation acts in a fair and honest manner. I was immediately drawn to the versatility of this position. I knew I would be learning a whole lot. I love being allowed to take a critical look at the processes and organisation. I am quite intense and critical myself, so that suits me just fine!”

International perspective

Because of the International Business Management programme, which Kim completed last year at Tio Utrecht, she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. “The realistic and competitive projects I worked on during the study prepared me well for the real world of business. International Business Management has reinforced my ambitions. Because of the versatility of this programme, I learned what I really like and what I am good at. I have developed an international perspective.”

Consultancy club

“It has always been my dream to set up my own consultancy club and help international businesses anticipate changes in their environment,” Kim continues excitedly. This goal-oriented career woman already knows exactly how she will achieve all that: “Besides my work at SPF Beheer, I am also doing the MBA Strategy master’s programme at the University of Amsterdam. I notice that large corporations sometimes fail to make optimal use of their strategies and that they do not keep up with the times. With my own consultancy club, I would like to translate business’ risks and weaknesses into opportunities and new successes. That would be awesome!”

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