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A glorious future: you close a deal with an American organisation and research the possibilities of doing business in Asia. The business world is looking for you! After completing the International Business Management bachelor’s degree, you will excel at establishing international contacts and creating your own opportunities. This bachelor programme brings you one step closer to international success.
You might, for example, work as an account manager, a financial manager or a sales or district manager. You can also start your own business.

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Is this bachelor programme right for you?

Tio’s International Business Management bachelor programme is based on the International Business (IB) programme and places additional focus on finance and e-commerce. This means you will also feel right at home in the finance and online world after completing this bachelor programme. Do you recognise yourself in the following description? Are you:


Do you have the will to score? You stay on top of international developments and are always one step ahead of the latest trends. You have contacts all over the world and use your knowledge as the manager of a multinational, as an independent entrepreneur or an adviser during a corporate takeover. Your winner mentality ensures your organisation is successful.

Interested in trading on the stock exchange?

Do you want to know everything about bonds, shares, options and futures? Step by step, you learn everything you need to know to take your first steps as an investor on the stock market. In the spirit of competition, the three students with the best results can win a sum of money during the Stocks & Bonds project.

Good with numbers and figures?

How is it that this week’s revenue figures are so much lower than last week’s? You could not help but notice the decline in the statistics. Does it have to do with the season or is there something more going on? The International Business Management bachelor’s degree teaches you to understand these numbers and take appropriate action.

Internationally oriented?

Would you like to work in an international environment? This bachelor programme allows you to see more of the world! During the international study trip, you visit a partner university and international companies. You gain international professional experience during your (international) internships.


Do you see opportunities wherever you go? Would you like to start up your own business? This business programme lets you get started right away. Together with your fellow students, you set up your own business and advise other organisations regarding their strategy and operations.  

Interested in other cultures?

The world runs on trade and you want to be a player on the international stage. Even during your studies, you will therefore come into contact with different cultures during the study trip, your international internship(s) or when you study abroad. You will learn how to successfully do business in other countries.  

In control?

Do you like to be in charge? Do you see yourself in a leadership position? During this bachelor programme, your leadership skills are developed during the Management Skills course. Of course, you want to take charge during the various projects you work on. You might, for example, become the general manager of your student company.

Excellent in networking?

Are you good at meeting new people? That is an excellent quality, because it allows you to build up your network in no time. That will certainly be valuable in your professional future!

Do you recognise yourself in these descriptions? Take a look at the curriculum for more information about this bachelor programme or attend an open day to experience the atmosphere and meet students and lecturers. 


International Business Management in 2 minutes

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Project during the study International Business Management!
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Why do students choose International Business Management?

  1. Tio offers accelerated studying: bachelor’s degree in just three years and an Associate degree in 2 years.
  2. International trade creates many jobs and opportunities for well-educated young professionals. In the Netherlands alone, international trade accounts for more than 50% of the gross domestic product.
  3. When you complete this business degree, you will also be a specialist in finance. You will learn everything there is to know about stocks, bonds, futures and securities and about cash flows during a corporate takeover.
  4. You study at the Netherlands’ best business degree programme. Seven years in a row, since this programme’s introduction, as elected by the Higher Education Guide.
  5. E-commerce is an important component of the International Business Management programme, because a lot of trading is done online and cross channelling is becoming increasingly popular.
  6. You will have many career opportunities available to you after completing this bachelor programme.
  7. At Tio there is a strong focus on personal development and supervision.

After graduating

Your International Business Management bachelor’s degree will open many doors for you. You could become a commercial adviser at ABN AMRO or work as a manager of marketing communication at the US Chamber of Commerce. Would you like to know more about your potential career paths?

This International Business Management (IBM) bachelor programme has been accredited by the NVAO and educate students in three or four years for the internationally recognised title of Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) (ISAT-code: 34144). This bachelor programme is partly based on the International Business (IB) profile level of professional competence, supplemented with e-commerce. Also, you can earn your Associate degree in just 2 years. 

Average rating for this Tio programme: 4.3 on a 5-point scale based on 15 reviews.