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Studying in Amsterdam? A safe choice!

Amsterdam is the safest city of Europe and the fourth-safest city in the world, as shown by The Economist Intelligence Unit's recently published Safe Cities Index 2019.

Safest city in Europe

In this study, for which the safety of sixty cities from all over the world was assessed, Amsterdam was selected as the best European city. On a global scale, it earned fourth place, outperforming such metropolises as Melbourne and New York City. Only Tokyo (#1), Singapore (#2) and Osaka (#3) managed to score better than Amsterdam (but only barely).

Safe healthcare in Amsterdam

Amsterdam scored particularly well in terms of the safety of its healthcare. The city earned top marks for the accessibility and quality of its healthcare, the response time of emergency services and the availability of safe food and water and clean air. No other European city scored higher than Amsterdam in this regard.

About the report

The cities’ safety was assessed using indicators such as crime levels, access to safe and qualitative food, pedestrian friendliness and cybersecurity. If you want to read the full research report, it is available here.