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Entrepreneurial students impress Bakker.com

The largest online flower specialist in Europe, Bakker.com, processes about 55,000 orders per day. But that's not enough: they want 10% more. How do you do that? Simple: ask Tio students of Commerce Entrepreneurship and Organisations for advice! Today, during an exciting online final of the E-commerce Week, the students presented their ideas. And client Bakker.com? They were very happy: "We heard super cool things today, we are very enthusiastic!"

Working for Bakker.com

During this E-commerce Week, students worked on a case for flower specialist Bakker.com. The assignment for the students: come up with a plan to increase the average order value of Bakker.com customers by 10%. Full of enthusiasm, the students started working in teams this week. During the week they were assisted by lecturers and industry professionals for advice and assistance.

Lots of creativity during the online finals

Today's final was the final part of the E-commerce Week. Which team comes up with the best plan? One by one, the nine finalist teams present their ideas to the jury. Quite exciting, because it all happens online via Teams, while their fellow students watch live. The most original and creative ideas, videos and presentations are shown.

Bakker.com is enthusiastic!

Janine Brieskorn, marketing manager at Bakker.com, is the one who gave the assignment to the students last Monday. She couldn't wait to hear all the ideas from the students today. And what does she think? “The week went very well, so I was very excited this morning. The students really surprised me: I heard such super cool things today! I think it is very clever how well the students listened to our story and how they handled it. Loyalty, customer data, package deals, email marketing; everything has been thought of. I am very enthusiastic!”

Spectacular announcement

The winners will be announced during a spectacular (online) award show that will be musically introduced by DJ Kav Verhouzer. And then it is time for the award ceremony! Team 9, Match-Up, eventually takes the win! This team had some very surprising and creative ideas, such as a subscription on plant cuttings and gamification options, and had researched how the order value could even increase by 20%! Janine of Bakker.com: “Very nice to hear, super presentation and they were well informed. The whole package is just right. I really love this idea!” The winners will go home with a check for € 500 and of course a beautiful plant from Bakker.com.

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