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Director at global leader BCD Travel

BCD Travel, originally a Dutch company, is one of the top three of business travel organisations in the world. Jeremy Bos had only just earned his bachelor degree in tourism when he started working there as a travel consultant. These days, he holds the position of Director Commercial & Product Marketing EMEA. “The world of business travel is fascinating,” Bos says. “Developments happen quickly and there are plenty of wonderful opportunities to seize.”

Global market leader

Business travel organisation BCD Travel offers business travel services in the broadest sense of the word. “We have clients who book ten trips with us, but also those who have us arrange more than ten thousand business trips for them,” Jeremy Bos explains. “Furthermore, the company develops several applications, such as the travel app TripSource, track-and-trace systems that make it easier to find travellers in the event of an emergency and various booking tools.” BCD Travel is part of BCD Group, a global market leader in the travel industry. “It is great that a Dutch business can hold a top position on the global market,” Jeremy says.

Supervising the European marketing team

He had only just finished his Tio study when he got a job at BCD Travel. He has not sat still since that time. Although it took some hard work, he was given every opportunity to develop himself within the organisation. He is now the Director Commercial & Product Marketing EMEA. “I supervise one of the European marketing teams,” he explains. “It is spread across Germany, Luxemburg and Belgium. I work in BCD Travel’s head office in Utrecht myself. It is a fascinating job and I love supervising an international team.”

The business travel world is always changing

The former Tio student never expected to end up in the business travel sector, although he would definitely advise other Tio students to look into this field. “The business travel sector is very comprehensive and complex and developments happen quickly,” Jeremy says. “This is a mature industry that presents a ton of wonderful opportunities. You cannot afford to sit still, not even for a day. I invite all Tio students to come to us for an internship!”

Fantastic time at Tio

How does Jeremy feel about his time as a Tio student? “I loved it,” he laughs. “I had an awesome time there. It was hard work, because there was a lot of material to cover and we had internships during the summer, but I am glad I chose this study. I was even selected as the best Tio student of the year one time. It is fantastic to receive that kind of appreciation.”

Personal development

Since his graduation, Jeremy has grown tremendously, although he is humble about it. “I do not believe in always reaching higher and wanting more. I do believe in bringing out the best in yourself and developing yourself. It is also important that your job gives you energy. My tip for current Tio students is to advance themselves and their career in any way possible. Without a doubt, choosing a Tio education is a step in the right direction!”

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