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Plenty of travelling as an event manager at CWT Meetings&Events

Speaking different languages, travelling for work and plenty of variety. That is exactly what former Tio student Maxime Willemse was looking for when she saw the vacancy for her current position at Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT). “I organise all meetings and training sessions for a large contracted client,” Maxime says. “I travel for work every six or seven weeks. That ties in very well with my Tio study.”

Travelling a lot

Just these past months, Maxime Willemse already travelled to Dubai, Frankfurt, Helsinki and Zagreb for work. In two weeks’ time, she will leave for Riga and Bratislava. “Although you are working 24/7, that does not mean you cannot go out and explore the country a bit,” she explains excitedly.

Event management

As an event manager at CWT Meetings&Events, Maxime is responsible for organising all meetings and training sessions for a client. “I take care of everything,” she says. “From having the website made to arranging the online registration, booking the accommodation and flights, taking care of the reception of the guests, finding transport from the airport to the hotel and the event location and the execution of the event itself, including making sure that the speakers are where they need to be, that the audio-visual tech is working properly and that there is plenty of coffee and tea to go around. It is a highly diverse job!”

Ties with Tio

This job is exactly what she was looking for. “I want to speak different languages and travel for work. My Tio study ties into this perfectly. In my daily activities, I benefit most from the Event Management course. Other subjects, including Business Travel, Marketing, Economics and of course the languages are also very useful.”

Global player

“CWT is a major organisation and a well-known player on the market. The company has branches all over the world. There are plenty of opportunities for growth here. I also love working with people from different nationalities.”

Wonderful time at Tio

“I loved my time at Tio. I still talk to the girls who were in my class often. I particularly enjoyed Tio’s small-scale, personal nature. As you walked through the hallways, people would ask you about your exam or a job application. Everyone knew how everyone else was doing. That was truly special.”