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Meet Magdalena, an international exchange student from Polen

Magdalena Zaglaniczna is a student from the University Economics in Cracow. She studies at the faculty International Business Economics and before her exchange, she has been working as a junior accountant. In the Netherlands she lives with her lovely dog Lex. Her hobbies? Definitely baking, especially various kinds of cheesecakes. She really enjoys playing computer games. To get to know her, we asked her some questions. 

Why did you choose Hogeschool Tio?

“I really want to experience studying in a private, non-congested university. It is different than the Cracow’s University, but I like it so far. The staff impresses me how they can be open and willing to help students. Also I find it easier to make friends because the building is not that enormous.”

Which course do you like the most?

Finance and accounting. The teacher finds ways to explain finance and accounting topics pretty well out of standards written in the books that everybody in class could understand. Exercises are explained step by step, and I really appreciate that.”

Do you see differences between your culture and the Dutch culture?

“Oh, yes, but not that much. As a Polish girl I could say that Dutch people are less spontaneous. Of course there is a difference in amount of cyclists. I am so jealous of the really good conditions for riding a bike here. Finally I can not understand why some Dutch people put sugar sprinkles on their bread (beschuit met muisjes)!”

What do you like about Utrecht? Have you seen the highlights?

“I am actually living in The Hague, however I have been walking in Utrecht, and I must say that I have fallen in love. The old town reminds me of Cracow, my city with all the restaurants, pubs and cafés. And the canals, they are so pretty! I am definitely going to visit places in Utrecht recommended by my classmates.”

What kind of advice would you give the Dutch students regarding their study?

“I noticed that Dutch students are good in what they do. What I would recommend is to share their opinion more frequently.”

What would you like to do after graduating?

“I am currently studying Mandarin language which is part of my plan to move to the east part of China to work for international companies. I am interested in finance and accounting, but I find supply chain and logistics quite interesting as well.”

Is there a recipe from you country that all Dutch students should taste? 

“Polish pierogi (dumplings) are already quite known, but there are many other traditional specialities. For example, gołabki. The name has two meanings. Literally it means pigeons but it is not made of these birds! Soup is also very important for Polish people like zurek (usually with egg and sausage given in bread-bowl), and traditional, Christmas soup, barszcz (beetroot soup) with little dumplings called uszka (little ears). As I am a girl from Cracow who loves baking, I sincerely recommend Cracow’s cheesecake (sernik krakowski) with characteristic checkered pattern on it.”

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