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Higher education guide 2018: Tio's bachelor programmes #1

All bachelor programmes of Tio nationally rank once more the highest within their fields in the Higher education guide 2018 (Keuzegids Hbo 2018). A fantastic result!

International Business Management

International Business Management is the best business programme for the fourth year in a row: “Students are pleased to very enthusiastic about the educational quality. The study programmes are challenging, students learn useful skills, are excellently prepared for the day-to-day professional practice and are taught by professional and inspired lecturers.”

Hotel and Event Management

Hotel and Event Management is the best hotel management programme for the fifth consecutive year. “If we are to believe the students, the private educations are all worth their weight in gold. Their educational quality is impeccable.”

International Tourism Management

“Tio is the absolute tourism champion. There is nothing that the students are not excited about”, writes the Higher education guide. For the seventh year in a row International Tourism Management is the best of all bachelor programmess in tourism in The Netherlands.

E-commerce Marketing Sales

“Students of the several locations of the private educational institute Tio are usually very enthusiastic on all aspects”, writes the Higher education guide about the bachelor progamme E-commerce Marketing Sales, which reaches the top position for the second consecutive year.

Source: Keuzegids Hbo 2018