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Students help start-ups find investors

How do you create an investor pitch deck to bring in investors for start-ups? Tio's business students no longer turn their backs on it. During the Finance Week, the ambitious students got to grips with the challenging assignment. And during the exciting finals, the jury decides which students have the best approach. Which teams will take the win?

Apply theory in practice

During the Finance Week, the second-year students of International Business Management delved into the world of start-ups, finance and investors for five days. In teams, they examined the entire financial management of start-ups and learned to look at (tech) companies from the perspective of investors. Because the students worked with real companies, the learning effect was high. They could immediately incorporate all the knowledge they gained into their investor pitch deck.

Exciting online final

Due to corona, the finals took place completely online. Each campus has organized his own final; we attended the one of Tio Amsterdam. On this campus, six teams managed to reach the final. They presented their investor pitch deck to all students, jury members and investors who watched at home. Exciting! Then they were also asked tough jury questions, about the strategic and financial aspects of the start-ups, among other things. But the finalists knew what to do with it. Each of the questions was answered in an expert manner by the budding finance experts. Lecturer Johan Draulans is proud of "his" students: “The students worked really hard this week. They have produced excellent materials and have fiercely resisted answering the sharp jury questions.” And the jury? Well, they were at least impressed!

Jury impressed by aspiring entrepreneurs

“The finalists did not make it easy for us, the level was very high,” said the jury. "Everyone presented very well, you are all entrepreneurs-to-be!" Wow, that’s a great compliment for the students. And then it was time for the winners to be announced. The team with the best investor pitch deck was… team Mind Mansion! Jennifer van den Broek, Sven Burger, Tijn de Bruin and Julian Damen of the winning team will take home a nice cash prize.

Proud winners

Jennifer, who gave the winning pitch today (and did an excellent job according to the jury), was pleasantly surprised, she said after the announcement. “When I started the Finance Week, I was immediately enthusiastic about the company that my team and I were able to represent, because I think it has a lot of potential. I never dreamed that we would really win. I am very proud of the result we achieved and I hope that this start-up will make a lot of difference in the future!”

The winners of the other campuses will be announced this week; keep an eye on Tio's Instagram page!

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