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Fully enjoying South Afrika during an internship in Cape Town

“Together with two friends, I visited Cape Town for an internship. We did something new every day,” says Roos van Deursen, student of the bachelor programme International Tourism Management. She made a fantastic picture during one of the many trips that she and her fellow students went on. “The sun was nearly gone, but we made it to the Woodstock Cave just in time!”

Internship at a tour operator in Cape Town

Last summer, Roos travelled to Cape Town together with two friends. She did an internship there with a tour operator that offers trips throughout Africa. “I was responsible for direct marketing and sales,” she explains. “I learned a lot and it was fun to do. You learn so much during an internship abroad. You learn to be independent and self-reliant, you learn about a different culture. The knowledge I acquired at Tio certainly came in handy, especially everything related to marketing.”

Sightseeing in South Africa

The three fellow students spent four months in South Africa. They made the most of their time there. “We did something new every day. The story behind this picture is quite funny, actually. It was on a Sunday and we were recovering from a night out. It seemed to be the first day that we didn’t go out to do something, but we all thought that would be a waste. It is such a beautiful country! So, we headed out anyway. We found the Woodstock Cave just as the sun was setting.”

Feeling good about Tio

Roos is close to graduating now. What made her opt for Tio a few years ago? “I did not know what I wanted to do after secondary school. All I knew was that I had always been interested in travelling and experiencing other cultures and languages. The opportunities Tio gives its students to go abroad appealed to me. To me, Tio also seemed different from other schools. When I attended an open day, it immediately felt right. I enjoy the personal atmosphere and the fact that everyone knows each other. We had to carefully consider the financial aspects, but I ended up getting a loan from DUO. You have a long time to pay the money back.”

Graduated? Time to travel!

Roos will soon have her Tio degree. “I am so excited! It will be a fun challenge. After graduation, I hope to travel again soon. I will probably go backpacking in Asia with some classmates. I would also love to return to Cape Town to meet up with my former colleagues and friends.”

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