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Behind the scenes at RAI Amsterdam

There are few places where a first-year International Business Management student can learn more than at the international trade show and convention organisation RAI Amsterdam. That is exactly why the ambitious Bram Oosterloo wanted to do his internship there. "This internship is the perfect way to gain experience in various fields. I am learning a bit of everything.”

“At the RAI, I am part of the Greentech team,” Bram explains excitedly. “It is a trade show dedicated to horticultural technology that is held every year at the RAI. We organise the trade show ourselves, from filling the programme to developing the stands and from attracting exhibitors to marketing. The trade show keeps expanding and it is fantastic to be a part of that.”

1001 things to do

Bram works at the RAI as an all-round intern. “That means that my activities are highly diverse and I am involved in many different projects. I often visit clients, work with statistics, talk to people a lot, focus on marketing and sales, review evaluations, etcetera. It is incredibly educational,” Bram says. “I am learning a bit of everything.”

“I wanted a comprehensive internship,” Bram continues. “One that affords me many opportunities for development. This internship is perfect for that. I am involved in many different things and have already learned so much about the field and myself. For example, I now know that I am more interested in statistics and finance than marketing and sales.”

From the Chinese to Americans

“One of the things I love most about this internship is the interaction with clients. I get to meet clients from all over the world, which is very interesting,” Bram explains. “From the very beginning of my internship, the people here involved me in everything and took me seriously; I am given a ton of freedom and responsibilities. Some of my proposals have actually been implemented. That is awesome.”

The IBM study programme opens many doors

Bram's choice for the International Business Management programme is not entirely coincidental. “The field of economics has always been my strong suit. My family works in that sector as well, so I grew up with it. International Business Management is a comprehensive programme that opens a lot of doors for you.”

With both hands

Bram has already learned a whole lot during his internship. “How the hierarchy works in an organisation like this, how to operate as part of a team and especially the importance of keeping cultural differences in mind when dealing with international clients. For example, I talk in a much calmer manner when dealing with Chinese clients, compared to Americans, and I hand over a business card with both hands. It is interesting to learn things like that.”

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