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Key account manager Coca-Cola

Anouk Slond, former student of Tio University of Applied Sciences, started working as a regional manager at Coca-Cola and quickly got promoted. Her current position is key account manager. “I am proud to be working for this company, it’s an amazing brand.”

Only eight people with similar jobs

“I am responsible for major accounts in the hospitality industry in the province North Holland, with Amsterdam as its capital. In the Netherlands there are only eight people with similar jobs, so it’s a pretty unique place. I manage a customer base with existing customers as well as prospects. I visit approximately ten companies each week. I can organize my own schedule, which I think is a very pleasant aspect of the job.”

Key account manager = networking

“To accommodate my clients, who are all connected to the hospitality industry, I regularly work at night. I attend events and other social gatherings to expand my network. The creativity and diversity in my work for Coca-Cola gives me a lot of energy.”

Hilton or Pathé?

“I can be at the Hilton hotel one day and at Pathé movie theatre or some famous club the next. Meeting people in person is very important to me. It helps me understand my clients needs better and allows me to tell the clients about the advantages that Coca-Cola has to offer them. Coca-Cola gives me lots of room to customize advertisement campaigns for my clients, which I enjoy doing tremendously.”

Best known brand worldwide

Coca-Cola is an amazing brand. I know of very few brands that operate in such a powerful way. Recently a study showed that Coca-Cola is the best known brand worldwide. If you want to grow, you have to show results all the time: work on the market, obtain goals. It’s a competitive business, but it keeps you on your toes. I am proud to be working for this company.”

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