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Cooking and socialising during the kick-off

Tortilla’s with paprika, chicken pie, octopus and creamy chocolate mousse. The first year students, who start their Tio-course in January, have been slaving away in the kitchen of Kookmeesters in Utrecht! All their hard work really paid off since the food was gone in no-time.

Even though the new freshmen are still enjoying their few remaining days of vacation, they’re also very anxious and excited to begin their Tio-course. Esther tells us “I’ve had a few months off, so I’m very excited to begin. I want to become a stewardess, 100%, so I’ve chosen the Tio-course Stewardess Receptionist Hostess”.

Support & Coaching

Whilst enjoying the enticing appetisers, the Tio students enthusiastically explain why they have chosen Tio. Tobias, freshman at International Tourism Management, explains that “at Tio you’re not treated as one of the many, but as an individual. Also, you gain a lot of practical knowledge from doing internships.” Olaf really appreciates the fact that there is a lot of coaching available when needed, so he can pass those difficult subjects.

Trial study day

Most of the freshmen have already acquainted themselves with Tio during one of the open days or trial study days. Hotel Management student Guido was very excited about the open day “It was really well organised and I especially appreciate that you can enrol in a FastTrack program”. Hotel and Event management student Demi is pleased that she was able to sit in with so many different subjects during the trial study day. She’s also enjoying today’s cooking course: “previous to this course I didn’t really know anyone, now I’ve got to know some fellow students and already made some friends.”

Good vibe

Sitting in the corner of the room there’s a group of students laughing out loud. “We’re team ‘croque du jambon’”, bachelor students Anouk, Chinouck, Bas and Denise explain . “Just to toot our own horn, we had the best dish of the afternoon!”. They look like they’re pleased with their choice: “I went to one of the Student for a day events and immediately felt like I would fit in. There was a really good vibe”, as Chinouck explains .