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Manager of sustainability at TUI Benelux

As manager of sustainability at TUI Benelux, it is his job to make the world a little bit better. Former Tio student Melvin Mak runs the sustainability department at TUI Nederland and he is really good at his job. “With the initiatives we take at TUI, we contribute to the world. I want to make a positive contribution to humanity, nature and the environment.”

Working together on a sustainable future

Travel organisation TUI proves that tourism and sustainability go hand in hand. “As manager of sustainability, I am responsible for TUI Benelux’s sustainability policy,” Melvin explains. “With my department, I am responsible for drawing up and executing our sustainability strategy. It affects our holidays and our customer journey, as well as the entire breadth of the organisation and all its activities.”

In practice, it means that Melvin, who recently acquired his master’s degree in Responsible Tourism from Manchester Metropolitan University, frequently confers with the organisation’s various departments. “The sustainability strategy is part of TUI’s overall strategy. We collaborate closely with all other departments; sustainability is embedded throughout the organisation. I love working with so many other departments. I may have the most diverse job in the entire company.”

From Tio to TUI

Melvin’s Tourism Management bachelor (now International Tourism Management) at Tio formed the foundation for his career. “I learned a lot and it helped me get to where I am today.”

After graduating and travelling for a few months, Melvin got a job at the travel agency where he did an internship during his first year at Tio. “I believe there will always be travel agencies, as long as they offer their clients custom solutions and excellent service. It was a lot of fun and very educational to work there. Maintaining direct contact with holiday goers gave me an important foundation. After a few years, I wanted to move on and found a job in TUI’s Sustainability department. I now work there as a manager and I love my job.”

Leader in sustainability

As manager of sustainability, Melvin tries to make a real difference. Sustainability is an important area of attention for TUI. “If you fail to organise tourism in the right manner, you risk given the entire sector a negative image. You have to realise that tourism is about more than holidays and having a great time. It has both a positive and a negative impact. The initiatives we take at TUI make a positive contribution to humanity, nature and the environment. That is important to me and it is definitely important for the future of the travel industry.”

He pauses for a second, then continues. “Sustainability is very important to us at TUI, but we should tell the world about it more. One of my ambitions is to put TUI on the map when it comes to sustainability. It would be great if we were seen as a leader in sustainability.”

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