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Alumnus Edgar is a marketing manager at a travel agent

The online travel company trip.me was founded around five years ago in Berlin. Today, this promising organisation, which offers travellers a unique experience by bringing them into contact with local experts, has really taken off. Former student International Tourism Management Edgar Fluijt works at the company as a marketing manager: “I am fortunate to combine my passions for marketing and travel at trip.me!”

Authentic travel experiences

Edgar talks passionately about trip.me: “At trip.me, we bring travellers into direct contact with local travel agents. We take the middle man, the tour operator, out of the chain, so we can offer travellers a better and more authentic experience. Nobody knows our destinations better than our local agents. As a result, travellers pay less, while the local agents earn more.”

Challenging environment

“I am responsible for the marketing team and mainly focus on online marketing and the optimisation of our campaigns,” Edgar continues excitedly. “I love marketing and using my creativity. It is great that the world of online marketing changes so rapidly. That makes the job a lot more challenging. Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to trip.me. We are successful, because our number of customers is growing, as are our team and the number of partners we have. Trip.me is a growing organisation, which is a lot of fun.”

From Tio to trip.me

“Tio taught me to understand tourism and how the travel industry works,” Edgar continues. He knew early on that he wanted to do something with his love for travel. He looks back on his International Tourism Management bachelor with satisfaction. “I felt at home at Tio and loved its small scale. I also enjoyed the fact that our lecturers had practical experience. That was very educational. I can put everything I learned into practice now.”

Best of both worlds

Everything appears to come together for Edgar at trip.me. “I am part of an international team, which is awesome. Everyone at trip.me is passionate about travel. Working at a travel company, I think they have to be,” he laughs. “I love to travel and I find it interesting to discover new cultures. I am fortunate to combine that with my passion for marketing at trip.me!”

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Edgar tells about his online marketing job in 2 minutes