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Proud parents at graduation ceremony in Utrecht

“The word of the day is ‘proud,’” says Arthur Teeuw, campus manager at Tio Utrecht. Sitting next to him is a group of higher education graduates in robes and caps. They will receive their degrees today and earn the title of BBA. Floor van Oirschot is the top student this time. She finished the fast-track programme with an average grade of 7.5.

“The student has to do it on their own,” says Teeuw, “but their supporters are important too. It is fantastic to see so many parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters and friends here today to celebrate our students’ achievements.”

Parents involved in study choice

Bachelor student Nicole Lam’s parents and brother are great examples of these supporters. They are excited about the graduation ceremony. “The study was intense, but she did well and made some great friends along the way,” says Liesbeth lam. “She involved us in her study choice at the time and we stimulated her to choose Tio.” Johan Lam adds: “We also visited a different university of applied sciences, but Tio’s education is far more personal. She could really develop herself here. It is hard for children to have to choose a study at such a young age, so it is great that Tio’s higher education programmes are so comprehensive.”

Mother proud of her Top Student

We talk to Floor van Oirschot after the ceremony. She is surprised to have won the title of “Top Student.” “I am very proud and did not expect it at all,” she says. Floor now works at the company where she did her final thesis project. She assists people with a disability and helps with the marketing. “The work is challenging, but also fun and rewarding. My time at Tio was very educational, but also quite hard.” Her mother adds: “It was difficult for her at times, but she is a champ and she never quits. She was set on coming to this school. We first encountered Tio at a fair and then began looking into what it has to offer. It is not a cheap school, but a loan from DUO helped out a lot. It is wonderful that this opportunity exists.”

Excellent education with international internships

Marcel Boon, father of higher education student Jeanine, looks back on his daughter’s time as a student with satisfaction. “The education is great here and there are a lot of international internship opportunities,” he says. “The final phase was tense, but the excellent supervision helped her do very well. Jeanine’s graduation coach was a good match for her, she was fierce. When Jeanine was making her study choice, we still lived in South Africa. She came from an international school, which is quite unlike the standard education in the Netherlands. The same goes for Tio. We were not surprised to see Jeanine fall in love with Tio after visiting an open day.”

Open days at Tio

Starting their careers

The graduates, their parents and other supporters are engaged in joyful conversation while drinking a nice glass of champagne. Their degrees are in, their caps have landed and they are ready to start their professional careers. Congratulations to all graduates!