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Students pull out all the stops in final Sales and Account Management

During the Sales and Account Management project, students of Commercial Business Management will pull out all the stops to reap the profits! During the online final, four finalists present their plans to the jury. Who has the best sales and account management plan?

Plan 1: collaborate with other companies

The four students presented their plans to the jury with great enthusiasm and good substantiation. Student Carlijn Broeze kicked off with a plan to increase the turnover of chocolate and ice cream shop Bonvanie in Nijverdal by 15%. How? By entering into a win-win situation with the Lorkeers company.

Plan 2: sell scanners to Jumbo

After Carlijn, Carmen Sliedrecht drew attention with her plan for the Newland EMEA company in Culemborg. She not only focused on increasing sales, but also increasing brand awareness of Newland EMEA. She did this by selling the scanners to supermarket chain Jumbo.

Plan 3: a special label for chicken products

Jumbo: a big name that also came to the fore in the plan of finalist Amber Toorenburg. She presented her idea to increase the turnover of chicken products from the Groenlandkip company in Bodegraven. A special label and a collaboration with Jumbo should ensure that the turnover increase.

Plan 4: sell garden wood with a margin

Finally, student Sander Dobbe - one of the winners of the Sales Week - presented a plan to market garden timber with a good profit margin.

Who will win the final?

Which finalist will convince the jury of the best plan? After careful jury deliberation, the jury proclaims Amber Toorenburg from Tio Rotterdam the winner! She has convinced the jury of the feasibility of the account plan, and wins the first prize. Carlijn Broeze of Tio Hengelo received a nice second place and compliments from the jury about her presentation skills, and Carmen Sliedrecht of Tio Utrecht came in third.

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