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Students start and present their start-ups

Doing business like a boss, how do you do it? In the minor Entrepreneurship, students learn the tricks of the trade. Learning by doing is key, so the students are put to the task. And what is the task? Set up your own business! Today in the finals, the students present their startups. Which company has the most potential?

Learning by doing

Over a period of eleven weeks, the students of the minor Entrepreneurship have learned and experienced what entrepreneurship is all about. The students were allowed to develop and market a new product. From research to purchasing and from marketing to finance: they had to do everything themselves. Extra challenge: doing business in corona times! But these students were resourceful. They present their concepts to the jury during the (online) finals.

From bags to t-shirts

One by one, the five teams present their start-ups, alternately live on campus and online from home.

  1. Team Totelly came up with a multifunctional product: a cool bag with a picture of the Ludo boardgame! Of course the bag comes with pawns and dice. That way you will never have to get bored on the road again.
  2. Christmas stress is a thing of the past with the handy ready-made Christmas tree boxes of team Holiyays. A Holiyays box magically offers everything for a beautiful Christmas tree!
  3. Team Boardom Saviors developed the next best drinking game: What's Poppin'. It is also the first drinking game with a game board, questions and assignments. The object of the game? Having fun together with your friends.
  4. The three tourism students of team MVMNT developed unisex t-shirts with pictures of world places on the back. An ode to the world. Nice touch: some of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross.
  5. The Mates & Dates team developed two boxes with games, one for groups of friends, and one for dates. What's in it? That is a surprise. The students assured us that all customers have been very enthusiastic so far. Sounds promising...

Jury: Level is high

During the exciting finals, one thing quickly becomes clear: the bar is high! The jury panel, consisting of Emile Langerak (owner Entrepreneurship Academy) and Anne-Mariecke Haijtink (programme maker, supervisor and coach Entrepreneurship Academy), is impressed. Emile just before the awards: "Compliments to all five teams, because the level is really high! Our task as a jury is certainly not easy. What you did in this minor is incredibly instructive. That knowledge and experience will certainly take you a long way in entrepreneurship."

And the winners are...

Which company does the jury think has the highest potential? That's team Totelly, consisting of Charlotte Rhemrev and Josephine Rengers Hora Siccama of Tio Utrecht! They win a €500 cheque. Jury member Anne-Mariecke: "What they have developed is really a comprehensive concept. The design is also spot on. The product has a healthy profit margin and a lot of potential. I am certain to see these bags at the festivals!" Team Boardom Saviors is the runner-up and team MVMNT finished third.

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