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“I chose to do the Study Abroad minor in Seoul because I want an international career.

Maurits Meiboom studies International Business Management and he wants to have an international career. He is certainly on the right path: this semester, he is studying in South Korea’s vibrant capital, Seoul. How does he like it so far? What is life like over there? He tells us all about his experiences after “stopping by” the Olympic village.

Why did you want to study in South Korea?

Maurits: “I chose to do the Study Abroad minor in Seoul because I want an international career. My focus is now on Asia, because it is home to so many leading international organisations. For example, I want to know how Asian technology companies such as Sony, NetEase and Samsung adjust to the Western market and vice versa. I am also interested in the Asian culture and ways of doing business. I would love to learn more about that.”

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Why did you choose Soongsil University?

Maurits: “This university offers challenging business and marketing courses that tie in perfectly with my business study. In Korea, Soongsil University is known for its excellent students, great results and the limited number of students who are admitted. Being able to study here will look great on my CV!”

What is life like in South Korea?

Maurits: “This is the biggest culture shock of my life. During the first few days, it felt like I had to learn how to go shopping and order food all over again. I have one tip for people who want to visit Korea sometime: avoid any and all red food! Everything is becoming clearer and more fun now. What has surprised me most are the major cultural differences that I did not expect beforehand, such as their unique delicacies.”

“Life in South Korea feels like a non-stop rollercoaster. The lights are never off and it is always crowded. The energy is palpable. I have a view of Seoul Station for my apartment window. More than 100,000 people pass through there every single day. In my spare time, I try to experience as much of the city’s culture as possible.”

Why did you choose Tio’s business course?

Maurits: “I want to work on an international level and the curriculum of the International Business Management programme is perfect for that. It is a comprehensive study that covers many aspects that you encounter every single day. This business degree opens many doors, because you are knowledgeable about a wide range of topics.”

How do you feel about your studies?

Maurits: “My expectations of this higher education study have definitely been met. It uses a ton of relevant and current practical examples and includes interesting and competitive projects. The lectures are always challenging and never dull. The lecturers also motivate students to make the most of their studies.”

Why did you choose Tio?

Maurits: “I chose Tio because I heard so many great things about it, for example about the small groups and the quality of its education. I first completed the fast-track Commercial Business Management vocational education study and, because I enjoyed that so much, then decided to move on to the higher education business programme. The transition from vocational to higher education went very well and gave me a ton of new energy. Tio has allowed me to grow as a person. I have discovered new interests and made new plans for my future.”

Are you still happy with your choice?

Maurits: “My location, Tio Utrecht, feels like a second home to me. It is always fun there and the atmosphere is amazing. I love the quality of the lectures and the expertise of the lecturers. I am still very glad that I chose Tio.”

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