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Project Student Company first step towards successful entrepreneurship

“Nice to see how all of you have explained your plan, very professional! A great final, I enjoyed it!” With these words, lecturer Rob Kurvers closes the finale of the Student Company project. During this project, Tio students of Commercial Business Management come up with their own business, in order to learn what entrepreneurship entails.

What is involved in doing business?

The students can now answer that question correctly! During the Student Company project, they not only write a business plan, but also look for financial resources and, if possible, market their product.

The finalists

What kind of products should you think of? Everything! The students' plans are very diverse: Naomi started a luxury artificial nail salon NVL Nails, Amber goes for a healthy highway meal with Versly, Sander wants to open his Dobbe's Landwinkel (country shop) in a garden center, Thom uses a lot of artificial intelligence for his custom-made meal boxes (Crop Up), and Olivier opts for a currency investment fund (Toering Wealth Management). Because “gray hair does not equal success. I am young and I am working on something innovative, ”says Olivier. And that applies to all finalists!

Jury about winner: “It couldn’t be better”

The jury quickly came to a unanimous winner: “All parts of this plan are very well thought of and coordinated with each other. Moreover, this plan is immediately implementable with economic feasibility. It couldn't be better!” Who this is about? Dobbe's Landwinkel by Sander Dobbe! By opening his country shop with local and farm products in a garden center, he can benefit from the customers who visit the garden center. Moreover, the (international) tourist can literally taste the local culture in his shop.

First step towards successful entrepreneurship

Sander is extremely happy with the victory: “It is honorable to be chosen from all CBM students as the student with the best business plan. With this victory I am taking a great first step towards my ambition to become a successful entrepreneur!”

Second and third place

The jury also awarded a second and third prize: Naomi van Lambalgen earns the second prize with her nail salon; the male jury was keen to drop by to get their nails done! Amber Toorenburg ends in third place with her healthy highway meals.

Congratulations to all winners!

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