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Tio students are the best in Europe

Wonderful news: after months of preparation, the Tio team has won the EMCup 2016 in Maastricht. This has been announced by the jury on Monday evening.

Tio hospitality students Marco Verplanke, Anneke van der Werff, Juliette Kromwijk, Sigrid Hoogendoorn and Maaike Rossen have triumphed over 29 other European hotel schools, thanks to their unbridled commitment, riveting pitches, excellent paper and appealing social media campaign. With the support of both students and teachers, the team felt extremely motivated to win!


The theme of this year’s EMCup was ‘Surfing the Silver Wave’. The teams gave several pitches about this theme during the competition days. The grand finale was on Monday evening, in which the Tio-team also won the award for best pitch.