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It is possible that, after having registered, you have to decide not to start the Tio programme. During the academic year as well, circumstances may force you to decide not to complete the Tio programme. In that case, you can terminate the study agreement. You can read below how to do this and what the financial consequences are of termination. 

Cancel via cancellation form

Cancellation before the start of the academic year

Unfortunately, some students are forced to cancel their registration even before starting their studies. That is why we offer prospective students a fourteen-day cooling-off period and the option to cancel their registration free of charge before 1 July for the September enrolment. If you enrol in January, you have until 1 December to cancel your registration free of charge. If you have already paid your tuition fee by that time, it will be refunded.

Interim termination after 1 July/December

After 1 July/1 December, you can terminate your study agreement in interim by submitting a formal cancellation request. In that case, you are legally entitled to restitution of a reasonable percentage of your tuition fee. The exact amount will depend on e.g. the education you have already received.

Termination at the end of the academic year

Of course, you may also decide to drop out of your study programme before the end of the academic year. If you inform us of your decision before 1 July of the current academic year, you will not have to pay the tuition fee for the next academic year. If you drop out after 1 July, you will owe a reasonable percentage of the next academic year's tuition fee.

Determination reasonable percentage of the tuition fee

If you terminate your Study agreement after the deadlines mentioned above, you will owe a reasonable percentage of the Tuition fee. Article 7:411 of the Dutch Civil Code is used to determine what constitutes a reasonable percentage. Various circumstances may factor into this determination. A number of these circumstances are described below:

We look at what is reasonable on a case-by-case basis, based on the circumstances of the case. When determining the reasonable percentage of the Tuition Fee, Tio is entitled at minimum to compensation of that part of the Tuition fee proportionate to the part of the Academic year that has already passed at the time of termination. For example, if six months have passed, Tio is entitled at minimum to 50% of the Tuition fee.

Termination method

You can cancel and terminate the Study agreement digitally by filling out the digital cancellation form. Or you can submit your request for cancellation and termination by post or e-mail to Tio's student administration department (csa@tio.nl). When submitting a cancellation or termination request by mail, Tio recommends using registered mail to make it clear to both parties that the Study agreement was cancelled or terminated and when this was done.

Cancel via cancellation form