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Business student Rik makes 30 million profit and wins finale International Trading

Student of International Business Management Rik van Haalen can consider himself lucky: he earned 30 million dollars during his studies. Unfortunately, it is not a real profit: as part of a project he participated in a virtual stock exchange game. There he accomplished what no Tio student has ever done before: making a profit of over 30 million dollars. Rik: “I think I eventually won by using my own approach. I was impatient and took a lot of risks at first, but that turned out well. I also kept a close eye on the market. So being successful on the stock market does not have to be complicated.” And for the grand finale: opening the stock exchange with the real stock exchange bell!

Gaining Practical Knowledge During a Virtual Stock Exchange Game

11 weeks preceded the final, in which the business students had to work like real stock market traders in the stock exchange game. Including the use of forex, options, short selling and margin trading. In Hotel Park Inn by Radisson Amsterdam West, the finalists from all five Tio locations competed for the profits. “This is bizarre, a profit of over 30 million", says Tio lecturer Jasper Breebaart. “That has never happened before at Tio. Not even close. The most important thing the students learn from this project is understanding how financial news and financial decisions can influence the global economy and thus the stock market. They really learn that here in practice.” Can they apply this knowledge to the real stock market? The future will learn!

Rik opens the Amsterdam stock exchange

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