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Gracie undertook an Erasmus year at Tio

Studying for a year in The Netherlands at Tio University of Applied Sciences was an amazing experience as it was something I had always wanted to do since I started at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)", Gracie Donoghue says. "Tio is one of the best schools in the Netherlands and I am so lucky to have spent a year there with amazing teaching from industry professionals, alongside a variety of students from all over the world."

I feel this has helped me within my degree as it has given me a cultural insight into the world of events and hospitality.

Hotel and event week

During my time at Tio, I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the general managers for the annual Hotel and event week where students battled it out running their own hotel. Tio Utrecht and Tio Amsterdam worked together to win, making Tio history being the first international hotel to have ever won!
This experience has most definitely developed my leadership skills, communication skills and given me the chance to make friends and network with a variety of people.

Studying at Tio

Studying at Tio also gave me hands-on experience, which I found extremely beneficial to developing the relevant skills needed to be successful. Picking up a basic understanding of the Dutch language and experiencing the Dutch culture has been beneficial to my future career goals because when I finish my time at UCLan, I would like to go back to the Netherlands to study.

International exchange @ Tio

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International exchange at Tio

Source: UCLan magazine

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