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Spanish exchange student in Holland

“I love everything about the Netherlands.” Alex Babio Guillén is an ambitious exchange student from Lloret de Mar, a city in the north-east of Catalonia, Spain. This semester he is on exchange in the Netherlands, studying at Tio University of Applied Sciences, and he loves it. Alex: “What I like the most? The people I have met here!”

From Barcelona to Utrecht

Back home Alex studies a double degree in International Hospitality & Tourism Management at Euroaula University in Barcelona. This semester he came to Utrecht, the Netherlands, where he started his exchange programme at Tio. “I am studying Hotel & Event Management at Tio”, Alex says. “I chose Tio because I was really interested in the different programmes they offered and also because I’ve never been to the Netherlands before. When I talked with relatives they recommended this country.”

Studying at Tio

“I have been studying at Tio for three months now”, Alex continues. “My first experience here is really nice. I love the close relationship between the lecturers and the students; it helps to become more confident with them. Besides improving my English I learn new skills and knowledge that will be helpful for my future in the world of hospitality.”

Hotel and Event Week

Alex has just finished the Hotel and Event Week, during which he and his fellow students had to run a hotel for one week. “It was a hard week with a lot of work, but also satisfactory after all the hard work during the semester”, he explains. “I think it was educational because for most of the students it was the first experience in this sector or because they worked in a different department than they used to. At my university in Barcelona we don’t have a week like this, unfortunately.”

Teamwork and organisational skills

“What I liked the most about the Hotel and Event Week”, Alex continues, “was the experience that I lived with the other students as a team. And of course, when we finished the week and saw all the work we’ve done before. The most important thing I have learned is teamwork skills. Furthermore, I have learned how to deal with problems, organization skills and be more confident.”

Living in Utrecht

During his exchange period, Alex lives in Utrecht. “I think I am really lucky because I found a place to live in the center of the city. For other exchange students I would recommend Utrecht because it’s a beautiful and quiet city compared to Amsterdam”, Alex says finally. Do I like studying in the Netherlands? I love everything about this country!”

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