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Exchange students at Tio Amsterdam

It is the 15th of February, time to catch up with some of our exchange students at Tio Amsterdam: Ronan from ISG International Business School in Paris, Yu Yeon and Songah from Soongsil University in Korea, Raphael from ISM Dortmund in Germany and Heriberto from Universidad de Guadalajara in Mexico.

How did you experience your first 6 weeks in Amsterdam?

Ronan: “Very good, the building is modern and teachers and students are very helpful. I enjoyed visiting the city with other exchange students, there is a feeling of freedom in this city.”

Yu Yeon: “The first week at school was long, everything was awkward to me, so I try to get accustomed.”

Raphael: “My first weeks in Amsterdam were very busy, there is so much to see and the city really wants to be explored. I am already looking forward to the summer in Amsterdam and its festival season.”

Heriberto: “My first impression of Tio was that it didn’t look like a university but more like a hotel. Everything looks so original, especially the reception with its vibrating colors.”

Which differences do you see between Tio and your home university?

Ronan: “The way of teaching at Tio is truly different, there is no real hierarchy between teacher and student but the relationship is respectful. In Paris it’s difficult to have a real discussion with your teacher because of the huge power distance.”

Yu Yeon: “At my home university all subjects have a written exam, but here several subjects don’t have a written exam.”

Songah: “I was surprised to see such a free atmosphere in class. In Korea we have class with lots of students so we just listen to the speech of professor, it’s boring. At Tio I can really interact with the professor so I can learn more.”

Heriberto: “The main difference is the size of the campus and the number of students per class. Normally in Mexico we have around 40 students per class, it’s interesting to see how personalized classes are here at Tio.”

And last but not least: What do you like most so far about living in the Netherlands?

Ronan: “The number of bikes is absolutely extraordinary, it’s very funny to see the bike parking in front of Tio every day. So I finally decided to buy a bike in order to live like a real Dutch person.”

Yu Yeon: “I like the atmosphere of Amsterdam, the bikes and the canals. When Spring comes, I will enjoy Amsterdam even more. I didn’t try much Dutch food yet, but the French fries are nice. Especially mayo!”

Songah: “I like the food most because I love bread, cheese and so on. So I go to the supermarket every day!”

Raphael: “The friendliness and open minds of the Dutch people. From the beginning on I felt very welcomed and if there are any questions people are willing to help. And of course the bitterballen!! It’s true, they are the perfect match with a cold beer.”

Heriberto: “What I have liked most is that people are so open to other cultures. It’s surprising to see how Amsterdam is such a multicultural city. I also like the Dutch food, especially having vlokken for breakfast.”

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