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Which start-up has the most potential?

The minor Entrepreneurship: only for innovative and entrepreneurial students! Students created an start-up for this minor, in which they carry out all the activities involved in setting up a company. From research and development to purchasing, production, marketing and financial administration. Which start-up has the most potential? We will find out today, during the exciting final.

Eleven weeks of hard work

Over the past eleven weeks, students of the minor Entrepreneurship have worked hard to start their own business. “It is a great minor in which you are challenged to sometimes go outside your comfort zone. I’m excited to have reached the final!” says student Jessica Hendriks. Niels van Dam adds: “Working in a group to create something that ultimately succeeds gives a fantastic feeling. And I’m happy that the final can still take place in this weird corona situation!”

Innovative concepts

It is clear that the students have worked hard: they present many innovative ideas; from poffertjes (mini pancakes) to sustainable pacifiers:

The jury is impressed

Jury members Marianne Nelisse (strategic advisor and coach) and Emile Langerak (owner Entrepreneurship Academy) were impressed by the presentations: clever how all the finalists handled this assignment and impressive what they all learned! But only one can be the winner. The winning concept has already proven itself in practice with about 400 items sold. Also, they are very strong in terms of marketing: congratulations Bakery Babes!

Drinks at a distance

Students Célia Piers, Isabel Scholten, Julia Sintenie and Roos van Harten of the winning team (Tio Amsterdam) are very happy with their victory, and will quickly celebrate it during a drink at a distance of 1.5 meters. What will they do with the prize money? "That is not yet certain, perhaps we will invest it in further expanding our company!"

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