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Going back in time at The Gatsby Hotel

This week, a stylish four-star hotel opened at a stunning location in Noordwijk, a stone’s throw from the beach. Run by first- and second-year hotel school students from start to finish. The original StayOkay hostel has been unrecognisably transformed into a place where guests feel they are in a different era, a twenties revival set against a romantic backdrop of glitter and glamour. Ready to journey back in time? Welcome to The Gatsby Hotel!

Guest book full of compliments

“The hotel is doing well; the rooms are almost fully booked and the restaurant was completely full yesterday,” PR Manager Madelief (Tio Amsterdam) says enthusiastically. Together with other Tio students from the Utrecht and Amsterdam locations, she has been busy for weeks with preparations for the Hotel and Event Week. Now everything can finally be put into practice. “Guests are enthusiastic; it exceeds their expectations and they are satisfied with the service too. The guest book is full of positive reviews.”

General Manager Fleur (Tio Utrecht) is also very happy. “Guests have been pleasantly surprised,” she says proudly, as she also manages the personnel that are busy with preparations for lunch in the restaurant. “It is going very well. All the students are motivated, everyone works together well. There is a good atmosphere. There are different locations and classes working together here and it’s going surprisingly well.”


There is no shortage of entertainment this week, because the students have carefully considered an appealing programme of activities that fits with the theme. “This week, we have a wine tasting, a cocktail workshop, a masked ball and a dance workshop, amongst other things,” Madelief explains. “And this morning, we had a 30 Seconds tournament. Great fun, everyone was ultra-competitive!”

The hotel from A to Z

Front Office Manager Anne-Sophie (Tio Amsterdam) confirms that a week like this is incredibly informative. “You spend weeks working towards this week, but it always turns out differently in practice,” she explains from behind reception. “It was pretty nerve-racking, but fortunately it is going very well. The best part is that you experience all aspects this week, so you get a good idea of what it is really like in a hotel. Very educational. You can find out what really suits you during a week like this.”

Lecturers proud as Punch

“It is wonderful to see what students have achieved after 11 weeks of preparations,” Tio lecturer Lilian Bryson (Amsterdam) explains proudly. “We lecturers only fulfil a supportive role, the students do everything themselves. It is incredible to see everything running smoothly.” Tio lecturer Fanny Drabbe (Utrecht) adds: “Wonderful to see the students blossom here in practice. You suddenly see a completely different side of the students. They really come into their own here.” Both lecturers found the kick-off on the first day impressive. “Goosebumps. It was truly fantastic. We are as proud as Punch!”

Satisfied guests

Happy students and proud lecturers, but what about the guests, are they positive too? “I like it here, everything looks incredibly polished,” Maaike Hofstra says in the stylish foyer. She is staying at The Gatsby Hotel for two nights. “I received a professional welcome from the girl behind reception. I also had a delicious meal in the restaurant.” When asked whether she would return if it were a real hotel, Maaike does not hesitate. “Yes, certainly!”

For more information have a look at the website of The Gatsby Hotel.