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Former business student Jasper is now working as a financial and marketing manager

Former Tio student Jasper likes to be challenged

Former business student Jasper Bink got a job offer immediately after finishing his final internship. Even back then, Van de Wetering Boat & Special Transport was very glad to have him. Today, he works there as an assistant financial manager and marketing manager. Alumnus Jasper: “I like working on a lot of things at the same time. I need my job to be diverse."

Setting up the marketing department

For his final internship, Jasper conducted a marketing study for the company. “I set up the marketing department based on the result of my research,” he explains. “As marketing manager, I am now responsible for the organisation’s marketing.”

Versatile job description

Jasper has been with Van de Wetering for almost a year now. The company specialises in the transport of e.g. large yachts. “I not only work there as marketing manager, but also as assistant financial manager,” he says. “I manage the business insurance policies and I am responsible for debtor and creditor management, handling any damages incurred on the road and managing the company’s lease vehicles. I like being challenged, so I can learn a lot in a short time.”

Versatile because of International Business Management

Jasper reaps the rewards of his Tio education every day. “The International Business Management programmey gave me a comprehensive background, which allows me to take on my various responsibilities with ease. I can put the knowledge I acquired at Tio into practice in the business world.”

International business

“The language subjects also come in handy,” Jasper continues. “Now that I work with foreign clients every day, I truly realise how important it is to speak their language. The intercultural communication skills you learn during the International Business Management bachelor are very useful as well. You realise that you treat a German person entirely differently than someone from the UK or Turkey.”

Director at a multinational

His ambition for the future? “Become the director of a multinational organisation and work with different cultures every day. My work must be challenging and the company must operate in a sector that is so dynamic that I am never bored.”

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